Asalam-o-alaikum My Dear Friends, 😊

My name is Rafat Naqshbandi/Qazi and my husband and I currently reside in the US. Being parents of one married son and two unmarried children ourselves, we and many of you, have been thinking and discussing the need of using a web-based approach akin to a digital version of a Koashur manzimyoor for fulfilling the matrimonial needs of our Kashmiri community.

This web-based approach that we plan to roll out as a smart-phone application will have privacy and confidentiality of its user at its core along with ensuring the sensitivities of our Kashmiri culture. All of us, parents, have faced the challenges of finding appropriate and compatible matches in these times when Kashmiris are spread far and wide and traditional approaches are proving to be not so efficient for a variety of reasons.

A couple months back, a software company, called Musalleen, with proven successes and experience in building large-scale software has already taken up the noble task of developing a smartphone based app, called Manzimyoor, that will serve as a digital version of a traditional Kashmiri manzimyoor. I can vouch for this company since my own son runs this company here in US and also an offshore office in Kashmir (called Musalleen Kashmir) with a team of Software Engineers/Architects hired locally in Kashmir.

Initially, the product is planned to be invite only. You can go to the website at and request an invite to be a part of the early access program, and we will keep you updated.

We will soon provide more information about the Manzimyoor app including its launch dates and features. Please leave any suggestions below in the comments section. Please stay tuned! 😊

Stay up to date by requesting an invite at:

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